Last night, after Lauren was done with work, we drove (read: sped) down to the Boulder Humane Society to meet with a puppy.  We adopted Kenya through the Boulder Humane Society and we so comfortable with them we knew that when the time came to get a second dog we would like to adopt from them.  Lauren and I have been talking about getting a second dog for about a month now.  When we adopted Kenya we had talked about having two dogs, but we wanted to wait on the second until we were used to having one in the house.

We met with Jackson and knew right away that he was the pup that we had been looking for.  He’s an eight week old,  black/red Aussie mix. 

Kenya isn’t quite sure what to do with a little dog in the house yet.  She certainly isn’t sure what to do with another dog that is getting attention from us.  I think they’re going to get along pretty well once they get used to each other.