Here we are in the middle of February.  I think it’s time to offer a bit of an update on how I’m moving along with my New Year’s Resolutions.  What has stood out to me most is that I find myself working on these resolutions without thinking that I “need to be checking these things off of my list.”  Perhaps this means that the things that I set for myself are too much like who I already am, or maybe on a more positive perspective, perhaps it means that I am at a place where I am becoming the person I want to become without having to force myself into it.

I have been making conscious choice to continue to slow down.  I’ve enjoyed having a bit of extra time between classes to sit and read the newspaper or a book.  I’ve walked to school a few day and have enjoyed the slowness of that.  I’ve tried to shut the computer off and remind myself that most of my life was spent without the technology available to be today.  I should clarify that my purpose in slowing down and shutting things off is not an attempt at becoming a Luddite.  I don’t like the feeling of being “hooked” on something, and forcing myself to think about these things has even caused me to be more aware of the amount of coffee I had been drinking.  The purpose of trying to slow down was not to remove technology from my life, it was to force me to think about the things that I was doing and question whether or not they are things that I really want to do.

I’ve continued to enjoy Peterson’s “Tell It Slant.”  I’m still in the second half of the book now, which isn’t worrisome to me because I knew that my extracurricular reading was going to be slow throughout the school year.  I think that the next book on my list is going to be Wendell Berry’s “The Unsettling of America: Culture and America.” There is a local, independent bookstore that has a year-long book club, and this year they’ve titled it, The Year of the Farm.  Berry’s book will be the book discussed at the end of March.  I’ve been a Wendell Berry fan for several years, but have yet to have the opportunity to participate in a discussion group based of one his books.  I’m looking forward to it.

School has been going very well.  I’ve had either an exam or quiz in all of my classes and my goal of maintaining a 3.5 GPA continues to be well within my sights.  On a recent exam for my Nutrition class I ranked 5th out of 200 students.  This is particularly encouraging to me because for so much of my life I didn’t think that I was smart or a good student.  Returning to college has been an opportunity for myself to correct some of those well-ingrained, self-imposed thoughts that I assumed about my identity.

Lauren and I haven’t taken any small trips yet, but were are thinking of making a pub quiz team for Wednesday nights.  Wanna join?

We haven’t had any other “Slow Food” nights yet, but I continue to think about the implications of how some equate healthy food with elitism.  I continue to say it, but I really do hope to put some thoughts down on the topic.  I have started to attend a group on campus called Crops For Health.  It’s comprised largely of grad students, doctoral research, and faculty, so I felt a bit overwhelmed at the first meeting.  I think that it will be a great place for me to network with people , though.

Well, that’s about it I guess.  1.5 months into the new year.  How are your resolutions going?