I’m putting this out there for any of my “Kingdom Gardener” friends.  Kingdom Gardeners are people who are understand theology differently as they spend more time in the garden.  People who the menial task of weeding as an opportunity to meditate.  People who wonder if they are maturing at the same rate as thier tomatoes.

Mr. Cynic, I’m writing in your direction.  Shannon, I’d be interested in your thoughts on this matter too.  And Gabe, if you’re out there, I know you would have some great things to say.

It started with this post I wrote and then Maria wrote her own.  I suggested a syncroblog on the topic and she set it up.  Check it out. It’s called Tomato Theology.  The post date is August 8 so there is still some good time to dwell on the topic before posting.

If anyone is interested make sure to let Maria know so she can add you to the list.
Happy Gardening and Happy Theology