I’ve wanted to sit down and write out some thoughts that have been swirling through my head, but instead Lauren and I have been watching Bones on Hulu.com.  I thought I might put up a list of a few things so that I’ll remember what I want to write about.  If any of you would like me to start with one in particular let me know.

In no particular order:

1. This phrase came into my head a few weeks back and I cant seem to shake it out: “GOD being present in the filth and business of the city and distant and removed from the bread and wine in the sanctuary.”  As I’ve thought about this sentence I’ve wondered about my own recognition of GOD’s work outside of the church in ways that I have been to arrogant to see before.  Also, it reminds me a lot of the prophets cries that GOD was not pleased with the peoples sacrifices, but desired their hearts more so.

2.  The garden has been a big part of my life these days.  I should probably start making a list of things I’m meditating on while I’m out there.  The garden is growing, and we are starting to enjoy some of the ‘fruits of the labor.’  I continue to be sure that studying food crops and organic agriculture is the path I should be taking, but I do not know where the path.

3.  There is a gas station that I pass by nearly every day that has a little cart out front that sells tomatoes and other produce.  The sign reads “FRESH TOMATOES $.25.”  As you know, I’m all about supporting local, sustainable farmers, but this smells a bit like rotten tomatoes to me. (I’m really sorry for the pun, I was going to say ‘rotten fish’ but this just made more sense.)  The cart has been out for nearly a month now selling “fresh tomatoes.”  This does not make sense because you cannot have large, locally grown tomatoes in June.  It just doesn’t work that way.  The tomatoes are perfectly shaped and perfectly colored, so this leads me to believe that someone is just buying conventionally grown tomatoes from somewhere far a way and selling them as “fresh.”  So on to my thoughts: I think I see this approach with church, too.  The thing is small, local, organic farms are not going to have perfectly shaped and perfectly colored tomatoes.  The expectation of the perfect tomato look has been traded in for the wonderful range of tastes that tomatoes should have.  OK, I’m getting close to actually ranting about that here.  I need to stop and move on.  But I will say this, I’m interested in a tomato that is a bit scarred and is grown near by, and that goes for churches too.

4.  The more time I spend reading Eugene Peterson’s pastoral books, the more I desire to pastor in that way.  As I read his words of encouragement and challenge, I’m understanding that if more pastors would take time to sit with the congregation they have been entrusted to rather than work from the far off distance the church would be a far healthier place.

5.  The transition to Fort Collins has been wonderful.  We feel a great sense of peace about being here, and I think that we feel more “ourselves” here, too.  I’ve been trying to think about why that might be.  I might have a few post that deal with that.

6.  I really do intend to write a bit about the church that we’ve been to a few times.  I’ll have to use code words in case any of the Revolution people are reading.  Ha!

That’s my list (for now).  And now I’m late for work.  Maybe tonight I’ll try to knock one of these out.  Or maybe we’ll watch another few episodes of Bones.