I spent an hour in the garden this morning.  It was wonderful.  Yesterday I bought some FoxFarm fertilizer for my veggies and I put it to work this morning.  The whole point of organic gardening is to take care of the soil so that the soil takes care of the plant.  We test the soil for its pH level and add nutrients accordingly.  Also we watch the plants for cues that it might give.  I’ve been trying to learn what I can from the plants and the soil.  I used the FoxFarm stuff on my tomatoes, beans, and peppers.  I’m hoping to find out what I can do to help my cukes, onions, and melons along, too.

Everything seems to be growing along just fine.  I’ve got a cucumber on the vine that’s about 4 inches long.  little green tomatoes budding out.  Yellow squash stretching away from the main plant.  Peppers forming.  Life is good.

There have been a few times when I catch myself in amazement that things are growing as well as they are.  For this to be my first garden, I think I’m doing A OK.  The few people that have been over to see things have been very encouraging.  It’s often hard to recognize the growth when you look at stuff daily.  The growth from day to day seems minimum.

This I know, the more time I spend in that 200 sq. ft. of food, I become more certain that I am pursuing the right thing.  I get excited about the possibilities that schooling will lead to.  I’ve been thinking about ways that I can start to get involved in the community through my love for food.  I’ve thought about talking to the Lab school about creating an after-school garden club/program.  Or maybe talk to a small cooking school about growing some food for them.  I know there are things for me to do, it’s just a matter of finding the right people to get involved with.