This morning I had a date with my garden that was long overdue.  Weeds were becoming more abundant that the veggies that I have in there, so it was time to take care of that.  I made myself some coffee, grabbed my weeding, hand tool and hoe, and went to work.

I started with the onions.  Onions don’t like weeds; they’re sissies, really.  Weeds create a kind of competition that the onion bulbs don’t do well with.  The maturing bulbs need their space, so it is important to help them as best as you can.  I had put some grass clippings down as mulch and that has seemed to help, but there were a few stubborn weeds that needed to be “tied together in bundles and thrown into the fire that will not be quenched.”  This weeding needs to be done by hand.  The onions are too close together to use the hoe, and again, disturbing the soil around the bulbs isn’t a good thing.  The radishes and carrots (when the sprout) will need to be weeded the same way.

The rest of the garden can handle being weeded with a hoe.  It’s fairly simple.  Occasionally I would see a weed that was too close to the plant, so I would need to pull it by hand.

I think I’m getting a hang of this whole gardening thing.  I’m starting to see some fruiting on a few of the tomatoes, cukes, summer squash, and peppers.  That’s really encouraging.  The string beens and soya beens are growing.  The broccoli is huge, but I can’t see any heads yet.  The onions are standing strong.  I do have a few concerns, though.   I’m not seeing very much growth with the honey dew melons.  Also, the cauliflower isn’t quite forming its head yet.  The okra seedlings are very slow growing.  I think the might need warmer weather then we’ve been having.  Maybe I’ll make a little cloche to add some heat.  Although since okra is a southern plant, it might just wait till it’s good and ready to start going.  I think that one, if not two of the tomato plants are not going to make it.  It’s bad enough to loose a tomato plant, but to add insult to injury the Pink Caspian (which I’m certain wont make it) is the plant that brought me all of my flea beetle problems.

There’s a garden update for you. The next post should be some pictures.