Ah, yes. The weekend. Two days to fill with all of the stuff you did not have enough time to do during the previous five days. Since we have moved into our house a few weeks ago, the weekends have felt like an continuation of the work week.

While I am capable of working seven days a week I am certain that it is not healthy. I have been trying to slow down and allow myself to rest. I believe that this is how we were created to be. So I have decided to create a short list of things to do this weekend rather than filling Saturday and Sunday with an endless amount of tasks.

So here’s what I have planned

I need to mulch around some parts of the garden and I might weed a bit while doing it.
Lauren and I will take a bike ride down to the Farmers Market on Drake Road.
I plan to read more of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and Sex, Economy, Community and Freedom
I plan to do church with the Revolution Missional Community on Sunday afternoon. (more thoughts on this coming soon.)

That’s it. What about you? Big plans for the weekend? or low key and restful?