I think I’m slowing down.
I think I’ve found time to think.
I think things are starting to make sense.

I was struck with the thought of these three statements this afternoon while driving to and from Home Depot. The first shift, slowing down, is most certainly the case for my driving. I realized that since Lauren and I have moved I haven’t felt the need to hurry everywhere. I find myself looking at my speedometer surprised that I’m going the speed limit. Not five or ten miles per hour over, the actual, posted speed limit. This is pretty substantial for me. I remember the feeling of rushing where ever I go, for no reason at all. I might have left the apartment with enough time to get where I needed to be, yet still felt the need to hurry, to rush, to speed everywhere. The ability to slow down has offered me the opportunity to think. When I choose to rush everywhere it affects all of who I am at that moment. When I’m speeding to get somewhere my only concern is with how I might get there quicker. Changing lanes to pass the car in front of me is par for the course. Running yellow lights is a common occurrence. Cursing under my breath becomes familiar. When I choose that mindset, my whole body becomes tense.

I have been feeling a sense of freedom in taking my time. A car changing lanes in front of me doesn’t mean that he or she is doing that to spite me. I have found freedom to think about things as I drive, listen to the radio, or even just enjoy the sounds around me.

What about you? Do you find yourself consumed with “getting there soon,” or can you just enjoy the ride.