I haven’t felt the need to blog for some time now. I guess my last post was in November, and if it was anything like most of the posts before it, it was pointless. Maybe pointless is a harsh word. I felt that many of my post had a purpose, but most often it was a self serving attempt to help others see the world through my eyes. Well, maybe pointless is the best word for it.

Over the past few months, I have felt a considerable change working through me. This change has been difficult to explain to people because, in a way, it showed itself like a flash of lightning, bringing light to a dark sky. Yet, as I reflect on the previous 26 years of my life this seemingly new direction has been a part of who I was all along, more like a seed germinating below the surface. That might be the best metaphor for me to use because much of who I am becoming has to do with seeds germinating.

In the fall I’ll be attending Colorado State University to study Food Crops and Organic Farming. My long term goal is to be in a position to educate people on the benefits of growing their own food. This might happen through me working with specific communities to teach them how to grow the food that grows best in their particular climate. This also could materialize into me working in developing and Third World countries to help them become more self sustaining, and less dependent on food which is used as a political tool.  As far as short term goals?  Tonight, Lauren and I ate a salad with lettuce that I grew from seed.  Tomorrow, my mom is coming down to our house to help me plant a 200 sq. foot vegetable garden.  I’ll try to put some before and after pictures up.

good night and good eating.