I’ve been sick all week.  I don’t like being sick.  Therefore, this week hasn’t been that great.  I sat on the couch almost all day on Monday.  Tuesday I stayed home from work.  Wednesday and Thursday I felt exhausted all day.  I have more strength today, but my nose and throat are acting like faucets.  There’s a great image for you.  And while you’ve got that mental picture let me give you another one.  If it was my job to come up with cold medicine I would make a pill.  This pill is not like other cold pills on the market.  After taking this pill you would have about one or two minutes to get ready, and by “get ready” I mean position yourself in front of a garbage can or toilet.  After you assume the “ready position” you would wait for the medicine to kick in.  You see, the stage of the cold that I’m in right now is my least favorite.  I hate having my nose run all the time.  I hate having to hock phlegm up out of my throat.  I hate that there’s seemingly no end in sight.  And that’s why I would create this pill.  When the medicine kicks in it would drain your body of all that excess phlegm and snot that make this stage of the cold so miserable.  This is why the garbage can or toilet is so crucial, because it gets messy.  Your nose and throat expel all that junk simultaneously.  I would trade one minute of disgusting fluid removal for a day of sniffing and hocking.  Oh yeah, on the bottle there would be a warning label.  It would let people know that by taking this pill they are increasing their risk of choking, so it is recommended to have another person around while the medicine is working.  It is also recommended to dial 9-1-… and have a finger on the last 1 incase something goes wrong.  I’m still working out some of the kinks, but I think it’ll be a big hit.  I’m also looking for some guinea pigs to test the drug on.  If you have one, send it my way.  I’ll also accept rabbits.

On a different note, it’s been difficult for me to be sick with Lauren around.  When I’m sick, which is only about once a year (PTL), my preference is to hide away from the world until the cold passes.  No one should have to be around me when I’m sick.  I get whiny and pitiful and more annoying than normal.  When I was single I would create a stockpile of medicine, food, Kleenex, TV remote, and anything else I might need around the couch and sit there until the cold had run it’s course.  Being married is different.  She shows me that she loves me by the way she cares for me.  If I refuse to let her care for me, then I’m refusing love from her.  And just in case any of you were wondering, Lauren is an amazing, compassionate, caring, thoughtful, and gentle person to have had take care of me.  This should be no surprise to those of you who know her.  Watching her take care of me makes me even more excited to see her care for our family (when that time comes).

If you pray, pray for my recovery.  I’m tired of being sick.
I’m hoping to put a few more thoughts down today.  I’m in the mood to write.