It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve posted last.  As I thought about writing this post I realized that it was going to end up sounding like most of my journal entries lately. 

“I wish I wrote more often.”
“I wish I had more time to write.”
“Maybe if I took the time to write more I wouldn’t feel so stressed out.”
“I’m awesome.”

Well maybe not that last one, but I wonder why it is so easy for me to dwell on these thoughts?  Am I looking for excuses or comfort?  Is this my way of challanging myself to write more often?  Or am I just complaining to myself?  If I was honest I would say that it’s probably a combination of all 3. 

Certainly my reasons for writing in a journal and writing this blog are different.  My thoughts are often more raw and personal when I write them in my journal, and here I hope my thoughts to be more comtemplative.  In both mediums, however, I realize that writing thing out is very important for me.  The act of writing helps me work through things when I don’t have another person to talk with.  

There are times when I really want to write, but don’t have the patience to sit down and write.  Other times I want to write about something that has happened rescently, but don’t feel like “dwelling on the past.” 

So what are your excuses?  Why do you not write when you know you want to?