Yesterday Lauren and I were drooling over the idea of pumpkin muffins, so I thought I would make some.  There are a few culinary websites that I frequent, but I wasn’t having very good luck in finding a simple pumpkin muffin recipe.  I thought that seeing what Martha Stewart had would be a good default.  I found a recipe that was simple (I wasn’t looking for a pumpkin and … recipe; I wanted just pumpkin.)  I also found some instructions for making a pumpkin puree because I really wanted to make it all from scratch. 

I planned to make the puree last night and the muffins this morning before work.  The puree was time consuming.  Quarter a pumpkin, scrape the seeds and stringy mess out, (that’s what took so long) bake at 400 degrees for an hours or so, the pull the meat off the skin and push it through a food mill.  How about that, pumpkin puree.

This morning I woke up excited about making the muffins and being able to offer freshly baked muffins to Lauren this morning.  As I was looking at the recipe I realized that there was a discrepancy between the ingredient list and the directions.  The directions told you to mix the dry ingredients together, and then to mix the wet ingredients together.   The problem was that the directions told you to mix oil with the other ingredients, but the ingredients list didn’t list any oil.  I went back to the website to see if I had missed something when it was printed out, but the website was the same.  I didn’t know what to do.  Should I make it with out any oil?  Should I guess about how much oil to put in it?  Well I look up a few other muffin recipes and they all called for oil or butter.  I took a stab at it and added 1/4 c. veggie oil. 

I mixed everything together, and pulled out the muffin tin to get that ready.  The recipe told me to brush the tin with oil.  Ok that make sense.  I usually use a Pam type spay that is made for baking, but I can do it your way, Martha.  I scooped the muffin goop into the tins, slid it into the oven, and set the timer for 35 minutes.  35 minutes later I peek into the oven to see flat-topped muffins.  Something isn’t right here.  I pulled them out and checked them with a toothpick; nope not done yet.  Back in the oven for another 10 minutes.  Timer goes off.  Are they done? Nope, still squishy in the middle.  7 more minutes and I giving up on them.  7 minutes goes by and they are still soft in the middle and flat on top.  I pulled them out of the oven and as I tried to get them out of the tin I realize that they are baked to the tin.  The oil I brushed on didn’t keep the muffins from sticking.

Damn you, Martha.  Damn you!

I don’t really know what all went wrong.  But I have a feeling that it was more then just the 1/4 c. of oil that I added.  Regardless, I have lost faith in Martha.  This is the first and last recipe I try from her website without a recommendation.  I expected more for her. 

If your interested in some goopy pumpkin muffins, let me know.  Cheers