As I was leaving from work, last Wednesday, I saw a recipe in the Denver Post.  I looked at the ingredients and thought it was worth a shot.  It was a recipe for fish that called for 12 oz. of beer, so I knew it couldn’t be that bad.  To be specific, it suggested a “light pale ale.”  I knew at that moment that a Spotted Cow would be perfect for “Beer Braised Talipia.”

 Lauren and I had been in the mood for fish, so I wonder if it was a sign that I saw the recipe in the newspaper.  I was in the mood for beer, so I knew it was destiny.  It was fairly simple. Cumin, salt, and chili powder make up a rub for the fish.  Mushrooms, an onion, diced tomato (in the can so you can use the juice), some Tabasco, and the Spotted Cow go in a skillet to simmer.  Sear the fish, add it to the skillet, let it sit for 5 minutes, and it’s done.  Because of the liquid (the 12 oz. of beer and the tomato juice from the can) the meal turns out more like a stew.  I didn’t anticipate this; if I had I would have added more fish.  But it was wonderful. 

We ate like royalty that night.  Along with the Beer Braised Talipia, we made a salad filled with all Colorado grown veggies, a baked potato with broccoli and cheese, and some yellow squash roasted with black pepper.  We were stuffed.

Of course, the crisp sweet flavor of the Spotted Cow worked wonderfully in the recipe and to tie it all together I cracked open another Spotted Cow to drink.  I know what you’re thinking.  Two Spotted Cow’s in one meal?  Yes, two Spotted Cow’s.  I finished off the left-overs today for lunch.  I wondered if it would have lost so much of its flavor sitting in the fridge, but it didn’t

The meal was great last Saturday, but with the warm weather today, I think it tasted a little better.