• If you haven’t yet, go seek the wisdom of the great Starbucks Oracle. That’s the most blog traffic I’ve gotten since I wrote this post.
  • Three times I’ve sat down to write a reflection for the Experiment’s blog about our time in prayer last week. Every time I sat to write I found myself starring at a blank screen. Maybe there should be no post about it. Maybe it should just be remembered by those who were there. If you have any thoughts, though, please don’t hesitate to share.
  • If you are an avid blogger/blog reader you probably have blogs bookmarked of people you don’t know. Often times you put them in the right folders to remind yourself of why you bookmarked their page. You might also have a blog or two that you can’t remember how you got to their page or why you bookmarked it in the first place. Letters from Kamp Krusty is that for me. I just recently found out that his name is Brent and I think he’s a Christian radio DJ. His post today made me glad I’ve got him bookmarked. Scroll through his site and enjoy it.
  • Last but not least one more reason to question why I don’t own a book of Wendell Berry’s work:

I am trying to teach my mind
to bear the long, slow growth
of the fields, and to sing
of its passing while it waits.

The farm must be made a form,
endlessly bringing together
heaven and earth, light
and rain building back again
the shapes and actions of the ground.