[Don’t forget to read the preface]

Lauren and I have a fairly routine weekly dinner menu. I would go as far as to say that we are in a rut. Let’s wait another 3 months before we start that accusation. During a typical week our menu will include (but isn’t limited to, remember) tacos, fish, rice, pizza, hot dogs or hamburgers, noodles, and usually a meal out. When I went grocery shopping on Tuesday I bought some Tilapia, which means that Wednesday night we will have fish for dinner. You don’t want to keep fish too long, you know. I really like cooking Tilapia. It’s a cheep fish that takes flavor very well, and even if you don’t add anything to it it doesn’t taste too fishy.

Wednesday night came and I started to get ready to cook dinner. I put a stock pot on a burner and started to boil water in it. Next, I pulled out a few potatoes and started shredding them. When both potatoes were shredded I put them in a fry pan to start frying them. When the water started to boil I set two ears of sweet corn into the boiling water. I turned my attention back to the potatoes. I added some thyme, rosemary, garlic, and a shallot into the fry pan and mixed everything together. The aroma of everything was wonderful. With a few minutes remaining I warmed up a skillet and placed the Tilapia fillets in the heated pan. I love the hiss and crackle the comes from food cooking on a hot skillet. I seared the fillets on both sides, then drizzled some melted butter and lemon juice on one side of the fillets. Flipped the fish so the butter/lemon side was down and let them sit for another minute.

I set salt, pepper, and butter on the table for the corn and started to fill our plates. I placed a pile of the seasoned, hashed potatoes on half of the plate and an ear of corn next to it. On top of the pile of potatoes went the fillet of fish and we’re ready to eat. Well almost. Lauren took the plates to the table and sat down to wait for me while I reached into the fridge and pulled out a Spotted Cow. What better an occasion, than returning to the rhythm of life, to share a Spotted Cow? We will have to see.