[apparently, I didn’t publish this post before we left.  oops]

On Thursday Lauren and I will start our 3256 mile, 13 day planned wandering across the eastern part of the US. I am in desperate need of some vacation time; and even more in desperate need of some quality time with Lauren. Our jobs can be a bit conflicting and that can be especially hard on Lauren because she’s a “quality time” person. We are both excited about the time on the road. Last night we went to the library and borrowed a few books on tape, and then we went and bought road-trip food.

The main part of this trip is to head to North Carolina for a family reunion. Lauren doesn’t know what she’s in for. My family has been having family reunion for longer than I can remember. Every five years a different family plans it all out for the rest. This year my mom and her sister and brother are the planners. And they picked North Carolina. In August. It will be beautiful. The big downside to this is that I’ve become a humidity wuss. Colorado has soften my hard exterior. And after our time in the humidity of North Carolina, we will drive to the humidity of Wisconsin. Lauren has never been to Wisconsin. Can you believe that? That’s a cryin’ shame, I’ll tell you what. I keep telling her that after this trip she will know why I am the way I am.

OK, this post has seem to be going no where. I’m off. If I can I’ll post a few times during the trip to give you an update. If Lauren posts anything I’m sure that her posts will be much insightful into the depths of my Steve-ness.