It’s hard to believe that our trip has come and gone. Tomorrow, Lauren and I will return to work and life will find itself moving to a familiar rhythm again. As the days continue to pass by we will be consumed with the necessary tasks of our day to day lives, and soon our trip will seem like a very distant memory. I will regret not taking more pictures. I will regret not writing more about the experiences and emotions. I will regret not buying a few souvenirs. I will have regrets, but I hope that that is not what I think about when I think of this trip. I hope that I will remember spending time with my family. I hope that I will remember the serenity of watching the rain fall. I hope that I will remember the long-overdue embraces from friends far away. But most of all I hope to remember that I was blessed to travel with my best friend. I hope that I will remember the 3000+ mile drive across the country with my wife next to me. I hope that I will remember the feel of her hand in mine as we walked around my old camp in Wisconsin. Of all the things I wish to remember, I hope I remember her the most.