Today I have the day off. It’s been great. Is it wrong that I feel slightly bad for having such a good day when I know that my wife’s day is going far from great? If I could trade my great day for her bad, I would. If there was a way to give her part of my great to balance both of our days out I would do that too. Does anyone know how to make that happen?

This morning I played soccer, which quickly reminded me how out of shape I am. After picking myself off of our apartment floor I went to hang out with Greg at the YWAM base. Because I don’t have many days off, I wanted to take the time to spend with people who I don’t see often. Greg’s morning duties involve getting lunch ready, so I offered my onion cutting skills, and he took me up on it. It was good to hang out with him in the kitchen. We spent a lot of the morning talking about tithing and raising support. I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately. I’ve been thinking about how we as a small church tithe well. We don’t have a building to spend money on. Which is what the majority of church tithes go toward. Would we set up a checking account? Would any of the tithe stay within the church? Would we support people? Other ministries? How would we choose what would be the best use of the money we tithe together?

And then there’s the question of raising support. I know that God has called me into full time ministry, but I don’t see myself working for a traditional church right now. I’ve gone back and forth on the idea of asking people to support Lauren and I so that I could dedicate my time to ministry. I told Greg today that being able to do ministry full time would feel like cheating in a way. It would feel a bit strange to have people support me to do something that I would do for free (if the bills would pay themselves). There’s also the question of whether I would like support for is worthy of people supporting me. I suppose that in a way, that’s not my question to answer. I would have to account for my time, and I feel ok with that. If you were supporting me would you feel ok about me spending my day the way I am? Wake up at 5:15 to spend some time with God, help Lauren get ready for work from 6-6:30, soccer at 7, time with Greg (and other YWAMers ) in the kitchen from 9-2, talk on the phone with Lauren during her lunch, updating this blog for a while I am studying for this Sunday’s wrap up of the Sermon on the Mount, meeting with someone else at 4, then back to the apartment to clean and cook dinner before Lauren gets home. Well that’s about it I guess. I did go to the bathroom a few times. Is this a good use of my time? What if this was every day? I could go on and on in my questions. But I throw that out there.

Throughout my day I’ve been singing song from The Cobalt Season. I’ve recently started listening to them. You should check them out. I’m trying to convince Ryan to come out and play a house show or two, so maybe if you all buy an album or two he will realize that he should come out and hang out with us.

In Search of Unified TheoryCheck them out. Ryan’s wife Holly does the art work. Take the time to read the lyrics. It’s good stuff. One of my favorite lines is “Well Mom, I only wanted to be like Jesus, but it seems that I keep fucking up, and Dad, don’t write me off just yet I think I might be onto something here.”

Well that’s it for today. I’d love to hear some of your thoughts on any of this stuff.